Business Scope

PARS is an asset management company that provides quality residential products and domestic services. The company will use online and offline sources to find suitable housing, while providing tenants with essential services. Compared with traditional house leasing methods, PARS’s flexible lease term is another outstanding advantage

Company Mission & Vision

Mission : 

Provide quality residential products

Vision :

To enable tenants to search for a quality lifestyle through our company

Company values

Care :

We care about tenants and houses. Every house is an important asset of our company. Maintain them in the best state and let our customers live comfortably in the house.

Cooperation :

We are not alone. There is always cooperation and partnerships with third parties.

Flexibility :

If the tenant has personal issues and want to change to a new listing, they can contact the company service hotline in order to prepare for the future.

Comfort & Convenience :

Excellent location, Comfortable design, Regular house keeping services. To let you feel that you are at home.

Appreciation :

Thanks to our tenants who have been accompanying us all the way. Thank you very much to our partners who have been supporting us all the way.

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